Noah Brenner

Argentine tango instructor

About Noah

Both in Noah’s dancing and teaching, the comfort of the connection, the expression of the music, and the freedom of creativity are of utmost importance. Technique is important, but only as a means to those ends.

Noah discovered Argentine tango in 2005 and immediately got hooked. In addition to the connection, creativity, and community it provided, it also greatly influenced his personal philosophy which he integrates into his teaching. Noah sees tango as a combination and refinement of completely natural elements already existing in each person: We walk, we are moved by music, and we communicate non-verbally.

Noah teaches a weekly introductory tango class as well as private lessons and group classes. You can often find him out on the dance floor — every chance he can get.

Facebook page(541) 687-5861Noah (at) Noah Brenner (dot) com
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Private Lessons

Whether you've been dancing for years or only for minutes, there's nothing like the personal attention and focus of a private lesson.

Standard rate (1 – 4 people):$50/hr
Student rate (1 person):$30/hr

Discounts are available for lesson packages. Contact Noah for information.